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Dance Programs


We have ballroom dance specials for all levels of dancers, whether you want to swing it up at your local nightspot, waltz the night away or celebrate your wedding day.

Introductory and Wedding Special  - Three fifty minute private lessons for one to three dances to get acquainted with the world of social dancing - $99 per individual or couple if you desire non-choreographed dances or $135 if you would like one of these dances to be choreographed to your favorite music. 

If you do wish to dance to a specific song, please have this song on a CD.

Friday Night Group Class

All Friday night classes are held in the main (large) studio starting about 7:30. The price is ten dollars per person both for the lesson and the practice session which follows the lesson.

Beginning the first Friday in February, 2023 - 

from 7:30 to 7:45 - Louise will be teaching a session for intermediate to advanced students. Immediately after, Chuck will be teaching the class for all students till 8:30.

Tuesday Night Group Class

From 7 to 8 Tuesday nights there is a group class intended for intermediate to advanced dancers.

Please contact Louise to find out what will be taught at a Friday night or Tuesday night group class.

In the event of inclement weather (primarily snow and/or ice), please call first to see if group classes are being held.

Dance Programs: Classes
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